Preventive Maintenance

Residential and Commercial Plans

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Preventive maintenance helps to reduce the operating expenses of your air conditioning systems, while optimizing the equipment Preventive Maintenance Air Conditioning Savannahperformance.  Air Services and Refrigeration Specialties, Inc. offers custom preventive maintenance plans based on your needs.

Just like your car, your HVAC and refrigeration equipment is being used everyday.  The importance of routine maintenance is to prevent smaller problems from evolving into bigger, more expensive problems. Our programs are designed to provide you with peace of mind that your air conditioning and heating system investment is being taken care of.

Benefits of our Programs:

·    Reduced Operation Cost
·    Improved System Efficiency
·    Improved Comfort Conditions
·    Improved Indoor Air Quality
·    Extended Life of Mechanical Equipment
·    Performance and Life Expectancy Reports of Equipment

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