Geothermal Savannah

Renewable Energy 

Michael Lemack, the owner of Air Services and Refrigeration, is accredited by The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHP A). An IGSHPA-Accredited Vertical Loop Installer offers the only qualified renewable energy system available on the market.

These loop systems are ideal for homes, apartment complexes, businesses, schools, and more. In addition to heating and cooling, GSHPs also create free hot water in the summer and deliver substantial hot water savings in the winter.

Trainees like Lemack learn about the construction and installation of vertical-bored ground heat exchangers, which are the basis of many GSHP systems.

Winter:  During the winter, water or an anti-freeze solution is circulated through buried pipe, collecting heat from the earth and transporting it into the building.

Summer:  During the summer, the system cools the building by reversing itself; collecting heat from the building and transporting it back into the earth.